Trade Mark Registration

    You can register your trade mark to protect your brand, name of your product or service or your logo. The application to register a trade mark in the UK is submitted to Intellectual Property Office. Registering a trade mark in the UK only protects your brand in the UK, but gives you an exclusive right to use your logo or name of product or service in the UK according to Trade Mark Classification you choose. Once your trade mark is registered it will last 10 years and you can renew it after that time.

    The process of registration of trade mark includes the following steps:

    • Determination of name and type of trade mark – one word or several words, colours, font type and size, etc. Will only name or both name and logo be registered? Registration fees will depend on these details.

    • Full availability search, looking for identical or similar registered trademarks for similar or identical products and services with details analysis from our specialist as to possibility of registration. 

    • Determination of Class or Classes of a trade mark. “Trade Mark Classification List” – is the list of all classes of trademarks depending on nature of business. The trade mark classification system is divided between goods, in classes 1-34 and services, in classes 35-45. Besides, you need to describe in few words the nature of your business, goods and/or services. Download Trade Mark Classification List. Registration fee depends on number of classes you chose.

    •  Determination of countries where your trademark is to be registered – only UK or EC countries, two countries or more. The cost of registration for each country and registration procedures may differ materially. 

    Basic trade mark availability search in the UK takes 2-3 days and costs £150.
    For further advice, please contact REGICO LIMITED.
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